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Non Sports - Other (includes Non Fictional Characters)

Years produced - 1960-1974

Details -Various Heights and shapes.


Prices Update 2009

Dolls priced in nice NrMt condition . Lesser condition examples would sell for less, NrMt/Mt would go for more.
Gem Dolls (Like new colors and shine) normally go for more.
Gem mint looking restored dolls normally go for roughly the same as NrMt examples.


Alligator Kissers


Cute pair that's pretty scarce.



There are lots of different astronauts and spacemen out there. These 2 seem to go for the highest prices.

  Astronauts & Spacemen (Other)


Many different ones are known.

Full Size


 Bottle Stoppers

(Set of 4)

Larger figures $25-35 each.

There are different variations. Can be found on their original wooden holder. Also can be found as larger (5.5") stand alone figures.

 Bank Set (Large Size)


$40-60 each

Neat lot of 4 (that I know of). Large size, 9". Pretty hard to find.


 Set $500-600

With Box $750-850

Very weird set, it's very popular but also shows up often, so it's not particularly rare.. The Beatles transcend the Bobbing Head collector universe so prices are all over the board. Box with all the trimmings (neck holders and letter from company) mean a lot. I've seen the box by itself go for $400 !!!

Beatles 15"

$2000-3000 each

Promo set, extremely rare, I've seen individual pieces go for over $2,000 each.

Beatles Minis (Cake Toppers)


Hard plastic mini's.(3 1/2" high). There are a ton of these out there, most in their original bags. Later examples were made in Hong Kong and the quality is worse.

Beatles Like Dolls


Several knockoffs were produced. Little guy on globe the most common. Large size guitar player is quite rare. Just saw a big guy go for $257 recently.

Charlie Weaver


Former star of the old Hee Haw series. If you remember that you're getting old. Pretty rare doll.



Resin like material, bobs at the hips.

Coconut Kissers


Had to include this! Modeled after the Florida Kissing Oranges and lemons (See advertising section). Only have seen it once, but what a hoot!!!



Many different cowboys available. None are particularly valuable but some are neat. Price depends on how badly you want it.

Danny Kaye


Famous Variety Star/Comedian from back in the day. Name is misspelled "Danney Kay".

Deep Sea Diver


Modeled after the 1960's TV show Diver Dan.

Donnie Osmond


Very rough mold, made in the 1970's at the end of the run. Quite rare.



Cute little doll.


 Happy Kids
(International Happy Kids)


"Happy Kids" on one base, location is on the other. Very neat looking set that are quite a bit more valuable than the regular "Let's Kiss dolls".

Hong Kong

Alaska, Hawaii, Russia and India seem to be the toughest to come by.

Happy Policemen
(International Happy Police men)



More will be added.

Hawaii Kissers Swingin Sam and Wigglin Mona


Neat pair!!

Hillbilly Bank


Holding his jug, hard to find in nice condition.

Hillbilly and Mule


Pretty rare doll, very cute.

Hula Girls


Many different shapes and sizes. 12" ones go for more.



Many different Indians available. None are particularly valuable but some are neat. Like the Cowboy dolls, price depends on how badly you want it.



Comes with a tag "There's one at every bar".


Kiss Me Pairs


Have a Kiss Me or Lets Kiss on base. Many, many variations.

Little People


Gold base with paper decal.

Loveable Losers


Whole load of these guys, I'll try to catalog them at some point.

Lucky Indian Medicine Man


There are a couple examples out there, pretty rare.

Lucky Leprechaun


Fun doll that's hard to come by.



Another neat  doll that's hard to come by.




Cello, drummers, accordion players, etc. Many out there, non that I know of our especially valuable.



Famous Mexican actor. 

Perfect Pair


Very rare pair. In nice condition with box they would go for more.

Retirement Fund Bank


 Sometimes has a popup sign.

1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10


   12 13 14 15   16


 20  21

Rumpus Room

Most $40-80

One* = $80-120

Two **s $120-200
1. "I'm open minded, convince me." (man with crossed arms)
2. "I only said putt up."( Golfer)
3. "I may never smile again." (Man with arms at side)
4. "I persuade easily, try it." (Viking)*
5 "If at first you don't succeed, give up." (Purple man)
6 "You men are all alike." (Big boobed lady)
7 "I work better under pressure" (Vise head)
8 "I'm a lover not a fighter." (Bandaged man)
9 "What's this "apple a day" routine?" (Doctor)
10 "You're right up my alley." (Bowler)*
11 "One knight I'll never forget."* (Knight)*
12 "And I can cook too." ** (Sexy Lady)*
13 "Have Yarmulke, will travel**
14 Monster** (Hurry, where's the john)
15 Snowman**
16 Honey Bear** (I go for a honey like you)
17 Puppy Dog** (I'll always Love honor and obey)
18 Big Bad Wolf** (Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf)
19 Skunk** (All my best friends are real stinkers)
20 Santa*
21 Monkey (Lets get down to Monkey Business)**







Security Guard


Similar to the postman doll.



Many varieties.

Super Monkey


I've only seen it a couple of times but thought it was pretty cool.



Several varieties, most have "Lucky" on the decals.



Dancing dolls that bob at the waist. Several varieties. Also comes in a Spanish version.